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Nishtha Technosoft is one of the best software quality assurance testing company in Mohali. The Company has an extraordinary team members of programming analyzers who are profoundly capable. The company offers different types of quality assurance, for example, portable quality assurance testing, web quality assurance testing, programming quality assurance testing administrations, and so forth.
Nishtha Technosoft utilizes different programming testing services in Mohali, and our point is to be the best quality assurance Company in Mohali. Programming investigation should be possible physically and through computerization apparatuses. They have their importance in different periods of plan and advancement.



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Types of Testing & QA Services We Offer

Functional testing

Functional testing is a form of black-box testing in which the test cases are based on the requirements of the software product under test. Internal programme structure is rarely considered when testing functions by feeding them input and analysing the output.

Non- functional

NON-FUNCTIONAL TESTING is a type of software testing that examines a software application's non-functional aspects (performance, usability, reliability, and so on). It's intended to assess a system's readiness based on nonfunctional criteria that aren't covered by functional testing.

Unit & integration

The developer is usually the one who performs unit testing. It is a testing approach in which each individual module is checked by the developer to see whether there are any issues. Integrity Checking: The process of checking the interface between two software units or modules is known as integration testing.

Usability testing

Usability testing, also referred to as User Experience (UX) testing, is a way of determining how simple and user-friendly a software application is. To expose usability flaws, a small group of target end-users uses a software programme. Usability checking focuses on a user's ease of use, the application's versatility in handling commands, and the application's ability to achieve its objectives.